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  • Beyerdynamic / M69 TG

    Kodas: Skripka 47

    beyerdynamic M 69 TG Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone

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  • The M69 is a hypercardioid dynamic microphone, suited to vocal or instrument reproduction in studio or live settings.

    The current shipping model, the M 69 TG aka “tour group” model, differs from the original M69 aka “M 69 N(C)” in that its grille is reinforced for durability for on-stage applications.

    Its hypercardioid pattern ensures high gain before feedback.

    The microphone’s frequency response shows a classic “tailored” sound, with a broad presence peak (+6dB @ 4-5k).

    The LF response changes with proximity; for example, the mic’s response is +10dB @ 150Hz at 2cm, but -2dB @ 150Hz at 1m.

    In other words, to increase the low-frequency response, move the mic closer to the source.

    The low-mass diaphragm is made of Hostaphan, a PET plastic film similar to Mylar.