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“ProDJ” is young, but ambitious company

We are perspective and ambitious; therefore, we are constantly searching for opportunities to cooperate with new partners. Moreover, we work in the field of technical maintenance services of events for more than 10 years. Our strengths are the accumulated experience and professional team.



“ProDJ” project managers know the high requirements set for the audio, lighting and video quality of events. Our experienced team has all the necessary skills to estimate the needs, identify problems, properly respond and solve them in a timely manner. Therefore, we can ensure the highest quality of the events technical maintenance services.

All “ProDJ” team are multilanguage. We can speak in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German languages.



ProDJ team are capable to:

– Assembling and disassembling of stages including all the required audio and video equipment;
– Short-term rent of equipment. You can rent equipment with its delivery to your indicated address or collect it at our warehouse in Klaipėda.
– We also provide assembling, disassembling and maintenance services of rented equipment;
– We consult event managers and provide them a concept and visualisations of event (how the stage, lighting, decorations and other elements will look like at your event).



“ProDJ” team performs design tasks and consult, regarding the following matters:

– We prepare drawings (AutoCAD) of the power of electrical inlets and their distribution, the size and types of structures that are necessary to construct a stage, as well as additional structures;
– We provide a design of installation (Capture Atlas – Symphonie) and indicate the necessary amount and type of lights to convey an event idea properly;
– According to the separate areas of event, we select the most suitable audio system (SoundVision or EASE Focus 3) and video material, as well as adapt it to LED screens (Resolume).



We perform assembling, disassembling and provide technical maintenance of the following event equipment:

– Assembling and disassembling of stages, platforms, scaffolds and various structures;
– Installation, connection and programming works of lighting equipment;
– Hanging, connection and tuning of audio equipment;
– Assembling and programming of LED screens;
– Installation of temporary electrical inlets;
– Works at heights.



THE STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA is a certificate provided to the companies, which are strong financially, has a good credit history and it is estimated that it will remain such for the next 12 months.

We have more than 10 years of experience by assessing creditworthiness of companies and estimating the corporate behaviour in the future. Therefore, after assessing many variables and using the advanced methods of forecasting, we select and certificate the reliable companies.



We strive for it by using rational planning, good organisation, accurate performance and timely control. Our qualified employees and specialised technologies allow us to achieve the highest quality standards.

ProDJ team work only with the best companies in the market: VOID, GUIL, Elation, Alustage, MDG, NEXT, Powersoft, Baltic Stages, Layher, Pioneer and others.

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