Multi Media Marketing & Event Invests in Elation IP65 Luminaires



Multi Media Marketing & Event Invests in Elation IP65 Luminaires

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Proteus Hybrid™ and Paladin™ expand Germany-based event company’s inventory of weatherproof fixtures.
Multi Media Marketing & Event GmbH of Münster, Germany, in the northwest part of the country, has expanded its inventory of Elation Professional lighting through the purchase of 16 IP65-rated Proteus Hybrid™ spot/beam/wash lights and 12 Paladin™ strobe/blinder/wash lights, both weatherproof hybrid models.
Multi Media is an event company that has been active in the fields of lighting, sound, video, LED and stage technology for more than 20 years. For more than five years, the company has relied on products from Elation Professional. “In the lighting sector, we only invest in IP65 fixtures,” explains Multi Media Managing Director Georg Reuber. “Of course, the price/performance ratio plays a major role as well. In this respect, too, we feel comfortable with the Elation products.”
The award-winning Proteus Hybrid is an IP65-certified 3-in-1 lighting fixture designed as a Beam,

Spot or Wash light. A sophisticated optical system with motorized zoom and a revolutionary cooling principle are at the core of this state-of-the-art luminaire. “For us the Proteus Hybrid is a type of Swiss army knife. It is bright, IP65 with wireless DMX, and can beam, wash and spot. You couldn’t ask for more!” Reuber affirms, adding, “After its first outings, we are completely delighted with them.”

Equally versatile is the Elation Paladin, which can be used as a powerful full-color strobe, bright wash light, extremely strong blinder or as a striking effect light. Its 24 40-watt RGBW LEDs deliver a total output of 960 watts for intense color effects. Thanks to its additive RGBW color mixing, users have full control over the color spectrum, from pastel shades to high-impact white light. “The Paladin’s 6° to 32° zoom range was the convincing factor, which of course opens up a lot of creative possibilities,” continued Reuber.

As is the case with IP65 lighting fixtures, Multi Media’s units are particularly suited to outdoor use, meaning they do not have to wait until next festival season to brave the elements. “Of course we had the big summer festivals in mind when we made the investment, but there were already projects in the pipeline in winter, for example the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Cologne Cathedral, as well as some gala events in Osnabrück, where we will use the units as outdoor effects,” Reuber said. “In addition, the spotlights will be used on Christopher Street Day 2018 in Berlin, where they will illuminate the Brandenburg Gate.”

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