We strive to participate in all public procurement competitions for the purchase of equipment for hire, purchase and workshops. These tips should help you organize your procurement.

 The procurement for the rent of stage, LED screen, audio, lighting or similar services must be announced 2 months prior the beginning of event.

2. Do not rewrite, change or try to make technical requirements of the bands or performers similar. It’s better to attach all of these requirements as a separate document to the procurement material. In addition to the requirements, we recommend writing that technical characteristics of the proposed equipment must fully comply with technical requirements (riders) of the bands and performers, which are an integral part of this procurement, attached as Annex No 1.

3. By organising a public procurement, request to provide the following:

  • A detailed list of audio equipment by indicating the necessary electric power and weight of equipment, which has to be hung above the stage;
  • A detailed list of lighting equipment by indicating the necessary electric power and weight of equipment, which has to be hung above the stage;
  • The main technical characteristics of the proposed LED screen (dimensions, weight, distance between the pixel centres (P), brightness and the necessary electric power).

 You definitely have to ask to indicate the necessary electric power in order to provide such information for electricians in a timely manner (in case of events that are organized outside the arenas, additional electric generators are often needed).

 Also it is necessary to ask to indicate the total weight of all the rigged equipment (LED screens, audio equipment and lighting) in order to properly perform the requirements for the procurement of the stage.

 4. Organise the procurement of a stage only after the procurement of rental services of all other equipment and after you know the requirements of sound operators, lighting engineers, operators of LED screens and decorators to the stage. Announce the procurement of stage building service only after you have answers to the following questions:

  • What is the height of the stage?
  • What is the weight of equipment that you plan to hang?
  • What is the depth and width of the stage?
  • Where the stage will be located?
  • Do you need a monitor house next to it?
  • What is the necessary size of the FOH?
  • Do you need the crowd barriers in front of the stage?

5. Do not disturb the potential suppliers who can build a stage by asking them to provide the unnecessary documents, which unfair participants will directly download from the internet. Ask them to provide only the most important documents and make sure that these documents were issued by the company, which perform stage building activities – a drawing of a stage with the indicated potential loads for the hung equipment and technical passport – certificate issued by the manufacturer of a stage.

 6. To communicate quickly and efficiently, in addition to the procurement documents, it can be practical to ask for a list of specialists, who will provide services during an event, including the contacts of sound operator, lighting technician, operator of a LED screen and project manager.

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