dB Technologies Fifty line


-FL10 Passive.

– 10″ woofer horn loaded

– 1″ RCF compr. driver

– driven by FL15

FL15 3-Amp Active

– 100+300+500W RMS

– 15″ Neodymium Bandpass-Woofer

– FL18 Active

– 800W RMS

– 18″ RCF-Speaker, 4″ Voice coil

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FIFTY LINE PLUS can be configured as a system with one or two FL18 PLUS subwoofers, depending on the size of the venue. Integrated in the FL18 PLUS is a RCF® 18″ neodymium-woofer, driven by a built in processor controlled 800W/RMS power amp which includes a soft-cliplimiter, phase reverse switch and an active crossover at a crossover-point at 100Hz. The FIFTY LINE PLUS is therefore a true 4-way active system!
Mains connection for the FL15 PLUS and FL18 PLUS are provided through professional Neutrik® power-con connectors with slave-out. The housing of the FIFTY LINE PLUS is made out of high profile multi-layer wood with a black paint finish.
FL15 PLUS and FL18 PLUS are prepared for
mounting a set of 4 wheels. The FL18 PLUS subwoofer is now equipped with a pole mount to be able to combine it with other mid/high speakers.
A set of dust bags is included in the shipment for each FIFTY LINE PLUS speaker
system. Because of the easy handling and many different set-up possibilities, the FIFTY LINE PLUS can be used for a variety of professional applications. It provides high definition sound at high SPL levels were ever you need it.

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