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  • FISCHER Hardwired In Ear Belt Pack

    Wired In Ear Belt Pack

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    Fischer Amps
    • Hard-wired headphone amp for those musicians whose instrument restrict their freedom of movement (keyboards, drums, percussions, background vocals).

    • Two direct balanced XLR inputs (no special cable required, can also be connected asymmetrically)

    • Much better sound than with wireless in ear systems

    • Switch-over from stereo to mono-mix mode

    • 2 x 40mW output power with limiter

    • Control for volume and pan/mix

    • Sturdy and road-worthy design: aluminum casing, belt clip of stainless steel,

    • Neutrik sockets

    • Mains connector (lockable) to connect an external DC mains adaptor (optional extra)

    • Power supply with 9V block battery

    • Hours of operation with alkaline battery approx. 12h, with rechargeable battery approx. 8h