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  • Markbass /Marcus Limited 1000 / Bass amp

    Marcus Limited 1000 ultrahigh-power limited edition amplifier for bass guitars. It provides an excellent sound quality, 5-band EQ, or gold plated circuit. In addition, it provides compact dimensions with an unique modern design.

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  • LIMITED with NO LIMITS! Following the worldwide incredible success of the Little Marcus heads, this Marcus Miller signature LIMITED EDITION series is ready to replicate it!

    As for the standard version it has an amazing clear definition, punch and dynamic, respecting the priority of tone like all the Little Mark heads, plus a NEW tone setting with 5-band EQ, the PARAMETRIC EQ control, gold plated circuit and new super-cool look are added to the highly appreciated features of the standard series, creating a true state-of-the-art amp to give ANY tone you need, no limits!

    This ultrahigh-power head gets amplified by a powerful 1000W MPT power amp, delivering a large supply of power and serious headroom with amazing definition and dynamics.

    No matter how big is the stage and the volume you play!