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To provide any kind of event with the right equipment and professional service.


To become the strongest company within Eastern and Central Europe that provides short-term equipment rental.


Get the maximum possible economic benefit from the ongoing service.


  • Cost-effective investments in state-of-the-art equipment that serves events.
  • Regular staff training and job creation


By delivering high quality services, we earn respect and trust of our customers and colleagues. Occupational professionalism is also demonstrated by a good team, high quality technique and positive customer feedbacks.

We always take into account the specific situation, as well as particular needs and interests of the customers. By combining the customer needs with our abilities, we make the best decision promptly and flexibly.

We strive for it by using rational planning, good organisation, accurate performance and timely control. Our qualified employees and specialised technologies allow us to achieve the highest quality standards.

“ProDJ” follows the requirements of occupational health and safety. Every employee is trained to work with technical equipment safely.

We pay special attention to dissemination of information and distribution of works because professional technical maintenance services can be provided only when everything is clear.

It’s a great feeling when the project is completed, event participants feel happy, customers are thankful and “ProDJ” team members congratulate each other for doing another good job.

How we work?


We work together with the best technicians in order to understand the objectives of your event and to find a creative solution that would create the maximum effect. We will form an even concept from your idea and show you hat kind of result you can expect by using 3D software.


At this stage, our engineers will not only accurately calculate the amount and type of equipment you will need in order to implement a concept and idea of your event, but also indicate its weight, location and position of placement, the estimated demand for electricity, duration of installation and other important information. Here we will apply the knowledge and experience of our team members in practice. In addition, we will formulate clear tasks for our technicians, who will be obliged to implement them accurately during the stage of preparation and the entire period of event. The work schedule must comply with the programme of event.


All project managers and engineers have a higher education in their field of activities, as well as a long-term work experience. Nevertheless, all the team is constantly improving their knowledge by participating in trainings, exhibitions and devote their time for individual development of skills. The team is not only highly qualified, but also motivated to perform their tasks up to the highest standard! Due to this reason, we implement all of our projects in a smooth and timely manner.

Where we work?


We actively cooperate with many national cultural centres and we gladly help to prepare festivals of various cities and towns.

Moreover, we are used to work with commercial customers in the public spaces of Lithuanian cities, when they organise concerts in order to advertise themselves, to promote trademarks or for other purposes.


Your company, while organizing an event, represents itself in front of customers, partners and also your employees. If you want to make an impression you need to obtain the best result and uniqueness as well as highest service and guarantee level. When the expectations are high and the time limit is low, you only want to work with a supplier who has experience in working with technical event service.

Every event is a new project, that has to be managed in the right way, this is why you need ProDJ.lt team, that knows what is a dialogue, work with new technologies and are keen in finding the best solution.


ProDJ worked in all big arenas within the Baltic countries, therefore, know all the acoustic characteristics and are able to solve specific arising problems. Lighting operators are keen in turning the halls disadvantages to benefits. It’s not a new phenomenon that bands usually try to inweave show elements that fascinate customers.

If you want to successfully achieve your goals, the team should work perfectly and over think every upcoming step. There is nothing more enjoyable than a big thank you from the band and excellent comments from the audience.


“ProDJ” offers a short-term rental service of audio or lighting equipment for clubs, restaurants, beach cafés, summer bars and shopping centres. We install audio and lighting systems in the necessary places. It is cost-effective because you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment, which would pay off only in a few years, to implement a separate project or just to spend a summer season. We constantly cooperate with the largest shopping centres, which regularly organise concerts, exhibitions and various campaigns. Our services allow them to avoid the costs, related to the purchase, depreciation, storage, installation and dismantlement of expensive equipment, since they do not need to repair it and constantly upgrade it and they can always use the latest innovations on the market for a relatively small rental price. Many night and music clubs have enough equipment; therefore, they rent the rest of the necessary equipment directly from our warehouse.


“ProDJ” provides services in private events, most of which include the luxurious weddings. We are acknowledged with spaces of luxurious restaurants, manors and parks; therefore, we not only do our work well, but also are able to advice how to avoid unpleasant surprises during the event. We greatly cooperate with wedding planners or corporate event organisers during the arrangement of the private festivals.


Our team

The core of “ProDJ” team was formed and didn’t change since the day of the company was founded. We aim that every team member would be appreciated and his work respected. It’s just a small part of a team, which directly communicates with the customers and partners, and is looking out for new projects. Meanwhile, there are professional audio and lighting engineers responsible for its installation, stage assemblers and all other maintenance personnel “behind the stage”.










Social responsibility

Šokių čempionatai „Dance championships “Lithuanian
Cup” and “Baltic Salsa Show Cup”

It is surprising how fast “ProDJ” begins using the latest technologies, which recently occurred in the market. We are also innovative and “ProDJ” meet us with new technical solutions and ideas before every event organized by us. We are glad that they support dance projects and we fully understand that without their support we would not achieve the desired result.

Association of a Child’s Heart”| Daiva Jonauskiene

We cooperate with “ProDJ” for many years and we can always trust them. We are very thankful to them for their help during the implementation of initiatives organized by the “Association of a Child’s Heart.

Campaign “Run for Hope” | Koordinator Valdas Daujotas

“ProDJ” supports the campaign “Run for Hope” for several years in a row. Together we have implemented ideas, related to the style and technical implementation of this campaign. It is a reliable and professional team, with which it is easy to work and communicate.

Street Basketball Tournament 3×3 | Laimonas Sapkauskas

We would like to thank “ProDJ” and its manager Dovydas Bajoras for the professional, benevolent and high quality work performed during the organisation of the Street Basketball Tournament 3×3 “Rytas with Time Team”. Your technical abilities and work culture was of the highest level!


Equipment can be rented directly from our warehouses. The minimum period of rent is 1 day and it can be rented for as long as it is necessary – for an unlimited period of time. The longer is the period of rent, the better price we can offer.

More information about all terms and conditions of rent can be found HERE.

All terms and conditions of rental equipment is provided and described in detail HERE.

The professional “ProDJ” team of audio and lighting engineers, as well as maintenance personnel, works both in Lithuania and abroad.

We can guarantee a high quality technical maintenance of event in any country of the European Union.

“ProDJ” takes care of safe supply and distribution of the required power capacity at any event. We recommend paying special attention to this area for all organisers, who should neither save, nor take a risk. If a temporary inlet is installed wrongly or if the electrical load is distributed unevenly, sound or light may disappear and the event may be disrupted. We are particularly high-minded in this area and adhere to special safety. We can rent diesel generators from 16 to 240 kW, distributors from 32, 63, 125 or 400 A and all other necessary cables.

Yes, we usually can, but you have to coordinate it in advance because the points of fixture are not always where you want to hang the advertising material. Sometimes it is impossible to hang it because it is too large and windproof and it can be dangerous. However, we can recommend you the suitable dimensions of advertising material and their hanging places. We can also provide the specific drawings, so that there would be no place for an unplanned improvisation and safety would be guaranteed during the entire event.

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